Travel + Landscape

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Self Published Travel Books

by Ben McRae

Ben McRae is an ethnographic photographer who spends time with the subjects of his books, understanding their culture and documenting their rituals.  He's also a designer who crafts page layouts with images accompanied by typography and text.

Ben's travel books include Chasing Tjanongombe, an observation of the Himba tribe in Ethiopia that won the Australian Photobook of the Year in 2013, and Japan that was produced to sell at Photobook Melbourne's Book Fair in 2014.
View Chasing Tjanongombe and Japan
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Limited Edition Landscape Collection

by Ninety Degrees Five (ND5)

ND5 is a collaboration of some of landscape photographers  - Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, Les Walkling, Christian Fletcher -  and 2016 Shark Bay Inscription was their first joint publication, that won the APPA Photography Book of the Year Award 2014.

The 8 colour inkjet print exquisitely reproduces the colour of the West Australian landscape and the section sewn, Cotton Rag pages allow the double page panoramas to sit beautifully flat. This limited edition retails at over $1000 with a matching box.
View Shark Bay Inscription 2016
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Illustrated Travel Books

by Nadine Saacks Photography


Nadine is a wedding photographer with a love for art, travel and poetry. She transforms her images into intricate double page designs that incorporate typography and text to enhance the visual narrative.

By printing on to Cotton Rag - Inkjet paper with cover material and end papers that blend with the colours on the pages, the work becomes an art book.  Her designs have won her the APPA Album Of The Year in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

View Essence of India and Eyes of Cuba
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A Cultural Document

by Nuran Zorlu

Persia To Iran by Armenian-Australian photographer Nuran Zorlu was endorsed by the Iranian Embassy in Australia.  Prior to producing a large offset print run in China, Nuran created a digitally printed proof book with Momento Pro as a guide.

The book matches our Trade Portrait specifications, a size that is exclusive to volume orders, derived from it’s popularity in retail environments and ease in shipping. Persia To Iran is a cultural work, sold in the Art Gallery of NSW and selected bookstores.
View Persia to Iran
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by Lidia D'Opera

Lidia D’Opera expertly turns photos of overseas experiences into finely crafted travelogues, taking the reader on the journey too. Clever sequencing of images and thoughtful use of text, quotes and poetry adds another layer to the story.

Her record of the Venice Carnivale is brought to life through the vivid colours on Lay-flat Gloss paper, complemented by Plum coloured end pages and a tactile linen cover with a photo printed Prestige Mount.

View New York and Masquerade
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