Colour Management

Colour management is the process that ensures the colours of your images remain accurate from the camera or scanner, to the screen and on to paper. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the colours in our books are as accurate as possible, however we are only half of the equation - a few basic steps by you when preparing your images will ensure you get the best printed results. Colour management is a vast topic so this page only contains an overview of the subject, but it should be enough to help you achieve predictable and accurate prints.


3 golden rules 


Colour settings for Momento Pro

Momento Pro takes advantage of an ICC based colour managed workflow featuring the following:


Profiling your monitor 

To benefit from Momento Pro's colour managed workflow, we suggest that you update your monitor profile at least monthly. Profiling devices are available from about $200 from a range of suppliers and are relatively easy to use. Twenty minutes spent profiling your monitor could potentially save much times and stress down the line. Most importantly, it will be very difficult for us to solve any issues you have with the colour in our prints if your monitor isn't profiled.


Source colour profile

A source colour profile defines the range of colours (the gamut) that can be produced by a capture device such as a camera or scanner. Nearly all digital cameras and scanners use one of the following colour spaces:

Some devices come with their own custom profiles and you can create your own profiles to more accurately describe your devices. Whether you are using one of the above standard profiles or a custom profile, always ensure your images are saved with that profile embedded so that the Momento Pro software can interpret your images correctly.

Important notes


Colour settings for Photoshop

Below are the Colour Settings that we recommend using for Photoshop. To access these settings, go to Colour Settings in the Edit menu (this may be in different locations for different versions of Photoshop). Other programs will have a similar settings window.


Soft proofing images

To see the effect of printing on your images, you can preview, or soft-proof, your images via the soft proof profiles provided here. Assuming you are working with a profiled monitor, this will help you assess whether the edits on images are within the capabilities of the printer or whether you can adjust the colours to suit the printer and your chosen page stock.


How to install and use the Momento soft-proof profiles


How to soft proof in Photoshop



Important notes