Momento Pro Adobe InDesign Plugin


Our InDesign plugin simplifies the process of designing and exporting a project to a press-ready PDF file.

The plugin performs two main tasks:

Once a new document has been started, do not adjust the InDesign document size or settings.  If you wish to make a custom sized book, please contact Momento for advice. 

Note: Using the Momento Pro InDesign plugin requires knowledge of InDesign. Our customer service team can assist with the use of our plugin, but can't assist with the use of InDesign itself.

Please read these instructions carefully before starting your project. We recommend you print this page and read our Colour Management page.


Supported Products

Supported Products Not yet supported
Section-sewn photo books Printed presentation boxes
Side-sewn photo books Greeting Cards
Fine-art photo books Promo Cards
Flush mount albums  
Perfect bound softcover books  
Saddle-stitched booklets  




  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Preparation
  3. Design your pages
  4. Design a cover (optional)
  5. Export your pages and cover to PDF
  6. Check your PDFs (make changes and re-export if necessary)
  7. Upload your PDFs and order


Download and Install

The plugin is compatible with InDesign CS4 or later (including all versions of CC).
  Mac Installer Windows Installer


Close InDesign before running the Plugin installer.
The installer will add a MomentoPro menu to InDesign's menu bar. 

Make sure you start and finish all projects via the MomentoPro menu. Using the standard InDesign method of starting  or exporting a document may result in the PDF not being compatible with our requirements. As a result, your file would need to go through a prepress process and fees may apply.  



Before you start designing your project, please consider the following important notes.


Product and stock limitations


Image file formats:


Colour management


Layout guides:





Designing your pages


Always start a new project via the Momento Pro menu.


Simply select the product, print type, binding, shape and size. The options available for each product will automatically enable/disable.

When you click "Create Pages" you will be asked to enter a project name, then your document will be setup for you. Read the instructions, then hide or delete them.

Remember to familiarise yourself with the product options and limits before you start designing:  hardcover books, perfect bound softcover books, saddle-stitched booklets, flush mount albums.



Designing your cover (optional)


Only start a cover once your pages design is complete. The spine width of a cover is based on the number of pages and your paper stock selection, so changing the number of pages in your project file will require you to start a new cover.

Make sure your pages file is open as the current InDesign document then start a your cover via the Momento Pro menu.

Note: You can only use the plugin's cover designer for pages that were created using the plugin.

Select the cover type and paper stock. This allows the plugin to calculate the spine width that is required for the number of pages you created and the stock you selected. Only available options for the product will be enabled.

For printed covers, remember to extend your images to meet the green bleed line to ensure that they they extend all the way around the edges of the cover of the bound book.

Remember, if you add or remove any pages in your pages file, you will need to recreate your cover file, as the spine width will change.


Export to PDF

To export an InDesign project to PDF you must use 'Export to PDF' in the MomentoPro menu. This ensures your PDF meets our specifications and that colours are correctly managed. Failure to do so may result in delays or disappointing prints.

Check your export. When viewing the exported file in Acrobat (Pro or Reader), the colours should look correct. If an image's colour doesn't look correct, then select the affected images in InDesign and check the "Image Colour Settings" in the Object menu – this will tell you what the tagged profile for that image is – if there is no profile attached, then you will probably see colour problems until you use Photoshop to resave the image with a profile.


Uploading and Ordering

Once you have exported your pages and cover files to PDFs and have checked them thoroughly, sign in to Momento Pro and upload your the PDFs.

Photo Books without cover designs, Booklets and Flush Mount Albums can be ordered immediately. We currently require an extra day to add cover files to their corresponding pages files - we will email you once this has been done so you can order.

Note: the online preview images don't currently appear immediately.