Importing designs from other applications into Momento Pro

Once you have completed and exported your page designs, use the following steps to import them into the Momento Pro software. If you haven't yet created your page designs, refer to the instructions on Designing Momento Pro products in other applications.


Before starting, make sure you have the latest version of the Momento Pro software installed.


1. Open the Momento Pro software

2. Start a new project by click 'Photobook' on the Start screen

3. Select the Binding Style that corresponds to the product you plan to order.

This should match the designs you created in your preferred application. Side Sewn books require the wider gutter to allow for the deeper binding.

3. Select the Size then Shape that matches the pages you have designed. This must match the size selected in your preferred application.

4. When you see the Auto-layout options, select ‘Fill’ 


5. Now select the folder that contains your page designs saved from another application as JPEGs or TIFFs. These must be sequentially numbered so Momento's software can import them in the correct order. Do'nt include the cover file in the folder with the page files.

6. Click 'Create Layouts' - your designs will now automatically be positioned to fill each page or spread

Note: double-page spreads will automatically be imported as spans and all other designs will be imported to fill a single side

7. You should now check the pages thoroughly to ensure that your designs fit the pages well and that no vital content is outside the safe areas


Updating page designs

If you need to make any changes you don't have to start your project again or re-import: as long as the number of pages doesn't change, you can simple go back to Photoshop or Indesign to make any changes then simply re-export the affected pages with the same file name. When you switch back to Momento, your changed designs will be automatically updated


Adding a cover and exporting your project

If required, you can now design the Printed hardcover or Dustcover in the Momento Pro software or using your preferred design application.


1.    Once you have imported your page designs, click the Cover button in the top toolbar or the front or back cover thumbnails in the Pages panel at the bottom of Layout view

2.    Add images and text to the front and back covers as desired, then set the background colour and spine text


Exporting your Project

1.    Once the cover is designed and you are happy with your pages, click “Finish” at the top-centre  

2.    Check for any alerts/warnings that have appeared in this Finish screen and fix if necessary  

3.    Click "Export" to create a finished MBF file (Master File). This will also create a final Proof PDF of your project


6.    Make sure that you check the Proof PDF file carefully for any errors, as this is the same as the high resolution file that we print from

7.    Now “Upload” your Master File to our website ready for immediate ordering.  You can upload either via the software’s Uploader tab on the Right-hand side, or by logging into the website, clicking on Upload and selecting your file. You will need to be registered with us prior to uploading your file


Important Notes: